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March Birthstones - Zodiac Gemstones: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Topaz, & more!

March Birthstone Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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There are two gemstones on the modern birthstone list which connect with March and they are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone with a rich color - it is known to be a symbol of youth, health, and hope. Aquamarine's color ranges from stunning blues that can have a touch of green to intense shades that display depth in tone and color. It is a lovely stone that makes beautiful jewelry and give a wonderful accent to spring and summer wardrobes.

Bloodstone is characterized by its dark green color and the presence of red, blood-like inclusions, which is how it earned its descriptive gemstone name. Bloodstone was once the original birthstone for March, but it was later replaced by aquamarine. Today, bloodstone is still an alternative birthstone for March and it is the zodiacal stone for Aries. Bloodstone is said to be a healing stone. Bloodstone works well in jewelry as a pendant, bracelet, ring, broach, or earrings.

Two Bloodstone Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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But, just because these gemstones are so remarkable doesn't mean others wouldn't like to know about and wear different gemstones. So we want to share all of the gem types that connect with the month of March through the zodiac signs of Pisces and Aries. You will see that there are many more choices to provide you or your loved ones with wonderful birthstone jewelry by noting the additional gem types that relate to March.

What Zodiac Signs are in March?

In March two zodiac signs exist, and they are Pisces and Aries. Below is a short list showing the dates of these zodiac signs and the gemstones that are available to people born in the month:

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

  • The Zodiac sign Pisces has six stones associated with it: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jade, Rock Crystal, and Sapphire
  • The Planetary stone for Pisces is Aquamarine
  • The Talismanic Stone for Pisces is Ruby
Pisces Zodiac Stones from GemSelect - Medium Image
Buy Pisces Zodiac, Planetary, and Talismanic Stones

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

  • The Zodiac sign Aries has two stones associated with it: Bloodstone, and Diamond
  • The Planetary stone for Aries is Jasper
  • The Talismanic Stone for Aries is Topaz
Aries Zodiac Stones from GemSelect - Medium Image
Buy Aries Zodiac, Planetary, and Talismanic Stones

What are Talismanic & Planetary-Stones? Let us explain.

Planetary Stones - In ancient times Gemstones were believed to be associated with different planets. Some of these planets were deemed to be ruling planets for the time in which individuals were born. A belief stemmed that wearing the stone of the 'ruling planet' at your time of birth would bring positive effects to your life!

Talismanic Stones - Talismans are amulets which have been cut or engraved as jewelry. Wearers of these stones are said to have protection by the magical powers the Talismans posses. These engraved Talismans are supposed to protect from evil, but they must have engravings on stones corresponding to the Zodiac sign of the barer.

Why is Aquamarine the Birthstone that is for March?

If you have read our other articles about the origins of birthstones you will be familiar with the 'The Breast Plate of Aaron' and possibly even ‘The Foundation Stones of the Heavenly City.' Both of these biblical stories involve gemstones of which one of them is beryl. Many believe the beryl that is listed in these stories is in fact aquamarine.

A Aquamarine Gemstone from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Aquamarine Gemstones from GemSelect

Exodus 39:10: 'And they set in it four rows of stones: a row with a sardius (ruby), a topaz and an emerald was the first row.'

v13: 'The fourth row, a beryl, an onyx and a jasper. They were all enclosed in settings of gold in their mountings.'

Revelation 21:18 - 20

v20: 'the fifth sardonyx, the sixth sardius (ruby), the seventh chrysolyte (peridot), the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprasus (quartz), the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst.'

Are different gems related to Pisces and Aries?

Yes there are, with Pisces and Aries being different astrological signs they both indeed have their own gemstones. The similarities those born in March have don't go far beyond that of the traditional birthstone which relates to March, aquamarine. The variety begins when we look at all the gem types that connect to these individuals through the zodiac calendar.

A Jasper Gemstone from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Jasper Gemstones for Aries at GemSelect

Who are some famous people that have birthdays in March?

1. Justin Bieber - Born March 1, 1994
2. Bryce Dallas Howard - Born March 2, 1981
3. Catherine O'Hara - Born March 4, 1954
4. Eva Mendes - Born March 5, 1974
5. Shaquille O'Neal - Born March 6, 1972
6. Bryan Cranston - Born March 7, 1956
7. Olivia Wilde - Born March 10, 1984
8. Bruce Willis - Born March 19, 1955
9. Reese Witherspoon - Born March 22, 1976
10. Elton John - Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947

Two Sapphire Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Sapphire Gemstones for Pisces at GemSelect

Are there references to earth, fire, water, air, or Feng Shui?

Aquamarine in Feng Shui:

Aquamarine use water energy which is the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification. This energy can unlock unknown potential as it is yielding and formless yet powerful. The water element always relates with the power of rebirth and regeneration, essentially this type of energy mimics the circle of life ever flowing and continuous.

You can use aquamarine for Feng Shui in any area or space you use for repose, calm reflection, prayer, or meditation. Water energy is generally associated with the north area of a home or a room. Water energy is also associated with the career and life path area because its flowing energy assures a balance of power as your life flows and unfolds.

Bloodstone in Feng Shui:

Bloodstone is an essential stone in a Feng Shui collection because it is a revitalizing gemstone. Bloodstone is said to protect and purify the space it occupies. Additionally, bloodstone is said to cleanse and recharge other gemstones you may have. Bloodstone possesses the ability to power and ground certain gem types and energies that exist in the area in which you live or work.

A Ruby Gemstone from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Ruby Gemstones for Pisces at GemSelect

How are March's stones connected to February and April?

All of the months and traditional birthstones combine through the star signs or the Zodiac Signs. The current birthstone list is a twelve-month list that has one or more gemstones for each month. What positively connect the months are the Zodiac Signs and the gemstones that go with them. In this way, all the months of the year connect, and some zodiac stones are far from the traditional birthstone selected for the month. Zodiac stones give the wearer of gemstone jewelry many more options when choosing a piece to wear.

Why wear Aquamarine? Are they used for Health, Luck, etc.?

Aquamarine gemstones are said to be wonderful healing stones for physical and mental afflictions. Aquamarine is considered an ‘all purpose' healing stone because it treats spiritual and physiological issues as well. If one finds themselves lost in life aquamarine can be helpful while seeking solitude and time for contemplation.

Aquamarine's healing properties.

Aquamarine gemstones aid in heightened self communication by providing inner tranquility and calming nervous tension. The above mentioned benefits of aquamarine can also be used when one is seeking improvement in their meditation because this stone will help to quiet your mind and obtain communication from higher planes. By clearing extra thoughts aquamarine invokes a higher state of consciousness and spiritual awareness, and encourages positive service to humanity. If ones spiritual and physical body has fallen out of alignment aquamarine will gently realign them aiding in intuitive spiritual and mental communication on all levels.

A Topaz Gemstone from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Topaz Gemstones for Aries at GemSelect

How can aquamarine healing improve my life?

Working with aquamarine can improve your overall sense of well being and in many cases now and throughout history has been a cure for procrastination. The reason aquamarine is believed to do this is due to its ability to clarify the mind and increase the rate at which good decisions are made. It also increases the wearers' amount of courage.

Aquamarine gemstones promote motivation and comfort in times of physical and emotional release in addition to supporting the individual who's going through the process. Known to protect soldiers in battle the stone can protect its wearer in a similar way for those who live a life of service. Individuals using aquamarine for its metaphysical properties will find it aids in promoting spiritual and psychic awareness, aid soul repair and healing, and provides deep inner healing.

What about Aquamarine and spiritual healing?

Aquamarine is used in spiritual healing to purify ones being allowing the inner self to emerge by pursuing its highest ideals and places attachments to the mundane past into perspective. In addition to all of its positive effects Aquamarine is an excellent stone to use when one is attempting to change their life because of this property. Aquamarine will allow you to hold true to your inner and spiritual self and help you keep a calm centered mind while you rid yourself of all your own negative and self destructive behavioral patterns.

Why wear Bloodstone? Are they used for Health, Luck, etc.?

Bloodstone is a beautiful gemstone known as healing and purifying gemstone. It is said to have positive effects on the blood as its name would suggest. When wearing bloodstone, it is supposed to enhance the courage of the wearer. It can aid in revitalizing one's heart and physical well being among many other things.

A Collection of Fancy Color Diamond Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Diamond Gemstones for Aries at GemSelect

What are the Benefits of Wearing Bloodstone?

As the name suggests, bloodstone is meant to improve circulation this is sometimes done by placing a stone over one's heart before meditation. Bloodstone can have positive impacts on the bladder and organs when places in the stomach area during meditation.

Wearing bloodstone is also known to improve confidence and assist you in making decisions that are healthy to your lifestyle. Many beliefs about Bloodstone and healing they rage and from their ability to; stimulate your immune system, re-energize your body and spirit, protect you from inflammation, and even protect you from influenza. Bloodstone is said to neutralize toxins and cleanses the body of anything that ails it.

Bloodstone can also boost your relationships with friends and expand your relationships with loved ones. Bloodstone is believed to build a clear and confident attitude allowing you to take action, acquire courage, determination, and strength. Bloodstone can also help emotionally support it's wearer when trapped in difficult or adverse situations.

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