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June Zodiac Gemstones: Pearl, Sapphire, and More!

Gemini and Cancer Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
Alternative Gemstones for the Zodiac Signs Gemini and Cancer

Alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone are the traditional birthstones for June. And in this lovely month, we are so fortunately graced with our two star-signs Gemini and Cancer. While alexandrite is stunning it may be out of our June babies price range. Our other two traditional birthstones pearl and moonstone, are interestingly included under the zodiac signs for the month.

An Emerald Gemstone from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Emerald Gemstones for Gemini and Cancer at GemSelect

In this month, there are many similarities between gems, both traditional and zodiac - June babies amazingly share four gemstones that relate to their month of birth and star sign. At GemSelect, we love to find interesting connections among the signs. We also like to highlight some of the Feng Shui practices and crystal healing applications for which these gems are great!

Let's look at how these astrological gemstones go with the zodiac signs for our June babies.

Gemini (April 21 - June 20)

  • The Zodiac sign Gemini has six stones associated with it: agate, chrysoprase, citrine, moonstone, pearl, and white sapphire
  • The Planetary stones for Gemini is Pearl
  • The Talismanic Stone for Gemini is emerald.
Gemini Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Gemini Zodiac, Planetary, and Talismanic Stones

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

  • The Zodiac sign Cancer has four stones associated with it: emerald, moonstone, pearl, and ruby.
  • The Planetary stone for Cancer is moonstone.
  • The Talismanic Stone for Cancer is sapphire.
Cancer Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Cancer Zodiac, Planetary, and Talismanic Stones

What are Talismanic & Planetary-Stones? Let us explain.

Planetary Stones - In ancient times Gemstones were believed to be associated with different planets. Some of these planets were deemed to be ruling planets for the time in which individuals were born. A belief stemmed that wearing the stone of the 'ruling planet' at your time of birth would bring positive effects to your life!

Talismanic Stones - Talismans are amulets which have been cut or engraved as jewelry. Wearers of these stones are said to have protection by the magical powers the Talismans posses. These engraved Talismans are supposed to protect from evil, but they must have engravings on stones corresponding to the Zodiac sign of the barer.

Buy Moonstone Gemstones for Cancer from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Moonstone Gemstones for Cancer and Gemini at GemSelect

Why are Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone the Birthstones for June?

The story of why alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone are the birthstones of June is unclear. There is a history of each stone and some info about the previous birthstones of June, before our modern birthstones.  The ancient birthstones associated with June are emerald, agate, and turquoise. As for June’s new birthstones they have exciting beginnings of their own. Both pearl and moonstone have significance in ancient cultures. Pearl was believed to be tears of joy from the Ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Moonstone is considered a sacred stone in India and has been used for numerous purposes one of which is fertility. And, Alexandrite’s name came from Czar Alexander II the man who discovered the gemstone in 1831.

Chrysoprase Gemstones for Gemini from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Chrysoprase Gemstones for Gemini from GemSelect

Who are some famous people that have birthdays in June?

  1. June 1, 1926: Marilyn Monroe
  2. June 4, 1975: Angelina Jolie
  3. June 8, 1867: Frank Lloyd Wright
  4. June 9, 1963: Johnny Depp
  5. June 12, 1924: George H. W. Bush
  6. June 14, 1946: Donald Trump
  7. June 16, 1971: Tupac Shakur
  8. June 25, 1903: George Orwell
  9. June 28, 1971: Elon Musk
  10. June 30, 1966: Mike Tyson
Buy Sapphire Gemstones for Cancer from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Sapphire Gemstones for Cancer at GemSelect

Are there references to earth, fire, water, air, or Feng Shui?

We will cover Feng Shui as it relates to two zodiac gems in June; we will talk about Feng Shui for Moonstone and Pearl.

We will speak about these gemstones uses in Feng Shui, and the benefits you can obtain by wearing them will be our next section.

Moonstone in Feng Shui:

Moonstone in feng shui is famous for its calm 'yin' energy. Moonstone also creates a water element, so it is beneficial for homes or offices with an excess of fire energy. This is one of the primary purposes of moonstone in feng shui. Moonstone in spherical or circular shapes is celebrated for their cemetery and balance - these shapes are perfect for introducing nourishing 'yin' energy into your home or office. When placing moonstone for feng shui an excellent location for your stone is the southwest bagua area, also known as the area for love and marriage. Moonstone comes in a variety of colors which are all appropriate to use in this area of your home or office.

Agate Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Agate Gemstones for Gemini at GemSelect

Pearl in Feng Shui:

Pearls have unique energy in feng shui. The energy of pearls is water, purity, fluid motion, rare beauty. Pearls also carry some qualities such as flexibility, flow, and subtle nourishment. If these energies accent or more specifically balance the natural energies inside yourself, then the pearl is for you.

Pearls are excellent for those who need more water element energy, and individuals who have a fiery temperament that needs to be cooled and brought to balance. Pearls carry feminine energy as well, so they are excellent for women, especially younger women. The pearls 'yin' energy is perfect for aligning with the soft feminine qualities of a lady.

A photo of Ruby Gemstones for Cancer from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Ruby Gemstones for Cancer at GemSelect

Why wear Moonstone? Are they used for Health, Luck, etc.?

Moonstone is one of the oldest known healing gems that has held huge significance in numerous ancient cultures. These gems in white, yellow, cream, orange, or rainbow colors are said to help wearers obtain balance and mental clarity, increase fertility, and reduce insomnia, among other things.

Emotional balance is one of the great benefits of this gemstone. This stone is associated with the soothing presence of the moon, and long ago friends and lovers would gift moonstones to one another to instill this sense of balance with their partners. Along with a provided sense of balance, moonstone also gives the energy of power and stability - this allows the wearer of moonstone to endure turbulent situations without losing that cool they were after. Of the various emotional benefits to wearing this gem, there is also a physical benefit which helps to maintain that desired peace, and that is an improvement to one's blood flow.

Moonstone also has a unique ability to activate kundalini energy, which promotes love and eroticism - this is why moonstone has been used for its benefits regarding fertility for centuries.

A photo of Tiger's Eye Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Tiger's Eye Gemstones for Gemini at GemSelect

Why wear Pearl? Are they used for Health, Luck, etc.?

Pearls are suggested by many to be excellent healers, partly because of their composition and partly because of their energy. Because the pearl is made of mostly calcium carbonate, many healers and feng shui consultants will suggest wearing pearls as a minute calcium supplementation for the body. The pearls energy is perfect for those who would like to calm their energy and create more peace for themselves. Pearls may also play the role of providing balance to those who wear them.

At GemSelect, we have a wide variety of pearls to choose from to create simple and effective healing jewelry; including, drilled pearls perfect for necklace designs and half-drilled pearls great for hanging earrings, lastly our pearls without any alteration that is great for designs like pearl rings. Any of these design ideas will bring this much-needed water element to those in need of some inner peace and calming energy.

A Photo of Pearls for Cancer and Gemini from GemSelect - Large Image
Buy Pearl Gemstones for Cancer and Gemini at GemSelect

How are June's stones connected to May and July?

All of the months and traditional birthstones combine through the star signs or the Zodiac Signs. The current birthstone list is a twelve-month list that has one or more gemstones for each month. What positively connect the months are the Zodiac Signs and the gemstones that go with them. In this way, all the months of the year connect, and some zodiac stones are far from the traditional birthstone selected for the month. Zodiac stones give the wearer of gemstone jewelry many more options when choosing a piece to wear plus added the added significance of wearing a gem that's linked with your zodiac sign.

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