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What is Kasikorn Bank? And why has GemSelect partnered with them?

GemSelect has been in business since 2003. That's over 10 years of experience in the gem and jewelry trade! During our 10 years, we have tried and tested many financial services for banking and online payment gateways, and to be honest, there aren't many institutions that cater to the needs of international online merchants.

There are numerous banks that support online merchants, but the majority of them lack security, reliability and technology - well, at least to our high standards anyway. So, in a struggling market for reliable payment processors, Kasikorn Bank shines through as one of the leaders of the market offering the most secure and reliable platforms available.

Not only does Kasikorn offer state-of-the-art SSL security and reliability, it also provides the best customer support. So, for these reasons, GemSelect proudly partners with Kasikorn Bank - Asia's leading online banking solution provider.

About Kasikorn Bank
Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited was established almost 70 years ago. It was formerly known as "Thai Farmers Bank" and was founded by Mr. Choti Lamsam. Kasikorn Bank has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1976 and since December 2003, Kasikorn Bank has been ranked as the 4th largest commercial bank of Thailand in regard to total assets, loans and deposits.

Although Kasikorn is number 4 with regard to assets, it is certainly number 1 with regard to online banking services and technology. Kasikorn offers the best SSL security encryption, a secure network firewall and industry-standard security architecture. It truly sets the standard in Asia and worldwide.

Kasikorn Bank Financial Statistics
  • Kasikorn Bank has a registered capital of 960 million USD.
  • Kasikorn Bank has a paid up capital of 700 million USD.
  • Kasikorn Bank's total assets are worth over 29.4 million USD.
  • Kasikorn Bank has over 700 bank branches in 76 provinces throughout Thailand (since 2009).
  • Kasikorn Bank has over 80 foreign exchange offices.
  • Kasikorn Bank has nearly 60 international trade centers throughout Thailand.
  • Kasikorn Bank also has several international branches in places including Los Angeles, the Cayman Islands, Tokyo, Shenzhen and representative offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kunming as well.
Contact Kasikorn Bank
You can read and learn more about Kasikorn Bank on their website, or you can call their 24 hour line at (+66) (2) 8888 8800.

Kasikorn Bank in USA

Kasikorn Bank in the USA

Los Angeles International Branch

Address: 350 South Grand Avenue Suite 3050 Los Angeles, CA. 90071, U.S.A.
Telephone: (1)(213) 680-9331-7
Fax: (1)(213) 620-9362

Hong Kong International Branch
Address: Suite 3316, 33/F, China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Rd Central
Telephone: (852) 2526 6811-5
Fax: (852) 2868 4342

See all contact details for overseas branches.

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