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에 의해 검토자 Andreas Zabczyk Nov 18, 2008 업데이트됨 Feb 07, 2022

The Charm of Pink Rose Quartz

Rose quartz belongs to the macrocrystalline quartz family, which also includes rock crystal, amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz. Macrocrystalline quartz, as the name suggests, has large crystals which can be distinguished by the naked eye. This type of quartz is mainly transparent to translucent, with a vitreous luster. Among the varieties of macrocrystalline quartz, rose quartz is somewhat unusual due to its unique translucent milky color.

Asscher-Cut Rose Quartz Gemstone
Asscher-Cut Rose Quartz Gemstone

Rose quartz ranges in color from a very pale pink to a rose red hue. The color is believed to be due to trace amounts of titanium, iron or manganese, though the chemistry of this quartz is not yet fully understood. Rose quartz color often appears milky, cloudy or hazy, which deepens the color and lends it a slight adularescent effect.

Some rose quartz contains microscopic rutile needles, which can cause asterism. If rutile needles are present in the rose quartz then a star effect (asterism) is sometimes seen. The star can often be seen by looking at a light through the rose quartz, as well as when a light source is directed at the gem from above. Star rose quartz is cut en cabochon which maximizes the visibility of attractive chatoyancy.

Rose Quartz Cabochons & Star Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Cabochons & Star Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is used both as an ornamental stone and as a gemstone. It is also often cited as an alternate birthstone for the month of January. You will find rose quartz of good color cut as cabochons, and some of the more transparent material may be faceted. Rose quartz is also a very attractive ornamental stone and is frequently carved into spheres, figurines and ornate statues.

Carved Rose Quartz Flower
Carved Rose Quartz Flower

Rose quartz is found in Madagascar, India, Germany, South Africa and several parts of the USA. Large quantities of rose quartz were extracted from a famous site near Custer, South Dakota. Nowadays, most of the world's supply of good quality rose quartz comes from Brazil.

Rose quartz is a gemstone with a rich history of lore. Due to its soft color, it has long been regarded as a soothing, calming crystal that promotes love and healing. It is thought to help clear negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and fear. Additionally, it is believed to ease heartache and psychological trauma. Placing a rose quartz under your pillow at night is said to promote peaceful sleep and creative inspiration. Wearing pink rose quartz rings is said to be helpful in aiding and relieving a wide variety of therapeutic ailments.

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