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Tiger's Eye Matrix Ring Information

Tiger's Eye Matrix Rings by GemSelect
About Tiger's Eye Matrix Rings Back to Top

Since tiger's eye matrix it is not a very well-known gemstone type, most people of not heard about tiger's eye matrix rings, which contain tiger's eye gems with some of the host rock (known as the "matrix"). The "matrix" of tiger's eye matrix rings may contain a pleasing contrast of tiger's eye, ironstone, red jasper and gray or black hematite, and is also traded as "tiger's iron matrix". Tiger's eye matrix rings may contain gems with various patterns, including stripes, swirls, spots and sometimes even look like scenic pictures. The gray to black hematite parts of tiger's eye matrix have a metallic luster, while the golden, brown and yellow tiger's eye parts show a changeable luster. This changeable luster can result in the cat's eye effect, which is the reason for the name, "tiger's eye". The combination of differing luster, patterns and colors makes tiger's eye matrix rings quite uniquely attractive.

Tiger's Eye Matrix Ring History Back to Top

Tiger's eye matrix ring history is quite elusive. Although tiger's eye has existed for billions of years, tiger's eye matrix has not been used as a jewelry gemstone for a long time. Tiger's eye was used centuries ago, in jewelry made by the ancient Egyptians. These included amulets worn as necklace pendants and rings. The ancient Greeks made signet rings out of tiger's eye, which were carved personal seals and symbols of power before the times of signatures. Additionally, the "eye" of tiger's eye was thought by some cultures to be "all seeing", leading to its use for protective amulets that were carried into battle by the Romans in the form of tiger's eye intaglio rings, cameos and other pieces of jewelry. Roman-style tiger's eye rings were also worn by the Victorians.

Tiger's Eye Matrix Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Tiger's eye matrix rings of the rich and famous are not easily found on red carpets. However, tiger's eye rings have been made by famous jewelers, such as Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chaumet. Tiger's eye rings have been worn by many celebrities, including the King himself; Elvis, who owned a tiger's eye cabochon ring. Reality T.V. star, Kim Kardashian also wore a tiger's eye cocktail ring back in 2012, when she showcased her Belle Noel jewelry line.

Tiger's Eye Matrix Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Tiger's Eye Matrix Ring by GemSelect
Tiger's Eye Matrix
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The most popular tiger's eye matrix ring designs are mainly cabochon rings of various shapes. Tiger's eye matrix is made up of quartz (tiger's eye) with other materials (the matrix), which is a sturdy material that is ideal for carved ring designs such as intaglios. A beautiful David Yurman tiger's eye matrix ring is made up of inlay on three sides. When chatoyant (cat's eye effect) tiger's eye fibers are present, a cabochon ring design will really reflect the light and show off this attractive phenomenon. Modern tiger's eye matrix designs often feature more interesting shapes, such as spheres, cubes and cylinders, and experiment with interesting combinations of accent stones. The bold golden, brown, red and black colors of tiger's eye matrix make it a great gem for men's rings and suitable for silver, yellow gold, bronze and rose gold rings. Tiger's eye matrix inlay rings that show off the bold striped patterns are especially attractive for men. Generally, ladies' tiger's eye matrix rings have diamond accent stones, but tiger's eye matrix also suits red, golden, yellow and chocolate-colored accents.

Tiger's Eye Matrix Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

A good tiger's eye matrix ring buying guide should inform buyers that tiger's eye matrix gems with tiger's eye, ironstone, red jasper and black hematite are often traded as "tiger's iron matrix", "tiger's eye in matrix" or "tiger's eye with matrix". Although tiger's eye and tiger's eye matrix is sometimes thought of as a "non-precious" quartz gemstone, tiger's eye and tiger's eye matrix rings often command high prices reaching several thousand dollars, especially designer pieces. While most tiger's eye matrix rings contain completely natural gemstones, buyers should beware of any gems that seem to have extremely vivid colors and regular patterns, since it is possible that some tiger's eye matrix gems could be synthetic or dyed. However, all good jewelry suppliers disclose such information and offer gemstone certification from independent gemology labs.

How to Wear Tiger's Eye Matrix Rings Back to Top

For ideas on how to wear tiger's eye matrix rings, simply look at some tiger's eye rings and other quartz gemstone rings, which can be found in almost any style imaginable, suitable for practically every occasion. From antique to modern and casual to bling, there is a tiger's eye matrix ring for every person to admire and enjoy. For men, tiger's eye matrix rings can make a bold and contemporary change from plainer looking tiger's eye rings. For ladies, tiger's eye matrix cocktail rings will accentuate a casual outfit or bring a little modern color to a classic little black dress. Since they are hard and durable, tiger's eye matrix rings can be worn every day. The various colors of tiger's eye matrix gems make them suitable to be worn with either yellow gold, pink gold or silver, leaving the choice up to the wearer.

Tiger's Eye Matrix Ring Meanings Back to Top

Since tiger's eye matrix rings contain tiger's eye quartz and hematite, tiger's eye matrix ring meanings can encompass the properties for both of these jewelry gemstone materials. Quartz is believed to provide physical strength and endurance. Hematite is said to have powerful healing properties, which include the ability to heal blood disorders, stimulate the absorption of iron and improve circulation. Mentally, hematite is thought to promote a calm mind, and encourage enhanced focus and concentration.

  • First Published: September-15-2016
  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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