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Spinel Ring Information

Spinel Rings by GemSelect
About Spinel Rings Back to Top

If you are thinking about buying spinel rings, you will be interested to know that fine spinel rings are often assumed to be ruby or sapphire rings. The beauty and hardness of spinel makes it a perfect ring gemstone and its various colors mean that spinel rings can be designed with almost anyone in mind, young or old, male or female. The various colors of spinel rings include delicate pink, bold red, brilliant blue, pretty purple, golden yellow and beautiful black. Spinel rings are special because of their stunning colors, great hardness and intense sparkle, yet some people have never even heard of spinel. Therefore, those who wear spinel rings are usually gemstone connoisseurs or serious jewelry enthusiasts who have been seduced by the secret of spinel.

Spinel Ring History Back to Top

Spinel ring history is connected with that of sapphire and ruby, since spinel is often found with corundum (ruby and sapphire) in places famous for fine sapphire and ruby, such as Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Cambodia, and its appearance led it to be mistaken for ruby. Centuries ago, fine red spinel was known as "Balas ruby", after the region of Afghanistan from which it was mined, and these red spinel gems were highly prized by powerful rulers such as the British Royal Family and a Turko-Mongol ruler named Timur. Spinel has always been there, but many have not looked for it, or even overlooked or inaccurately judged it in their enthusiasm for better-known gem types. Perhaps there are many blue and red spinel rings quietly sitting in collections all over the world that are still believed to be ruby and sapphire rings, robbing spinel of its well-deserved recognition.

Spinel Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Among the spinel rings of the rich and famous are a Tiffany & Co. red spinel ring with spessartite garnet and diamond accents, which was showed off by award-winning Australian production designer, Catherine Martin at the Academy Awards in 2014. She dazzled viewers with not only her jewelry; she also walked away with two Oscars for her fabulous work on The Great Gatsby, which is based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel set in the glamorous Art Deco era. British T.V. presenter, Kirstie Allsopp owned a jaw-dropping 33-carat red spinel ring with a white diamond halo. Tragically, she lost the ring during a film shoot in 2009, and then set up a website asking for help and offering over $1000 as a reward for its return. American actress, Ariel Winter wore an incredible IVY red spinel ring to the 2014 Golden Globes.

Spinel Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Split-Shank Pink Spinel Ring
Silver Split-Shank Pink Spinel Ring
Click to enlarge image

Spinel ring designs are as various as the colors of spinel gems, which makes spinel a designer's dream. Classic ladies' spinel rings are solitaires with white gemstone halos, such as the 2016 AGTA Summer Spectrum Award Winner. The ring, which received 1st place for the classical category was an Omi Gems 18k rose gold, split-shank ring with a cushion-cut pink spinel center stone, a diamond and pink spinel halo and a small alexandrite gem cleverly concealed in the band. A purple spinel ring won the 2016 AGTA Spectrum 1st place award for bridal wear. The stunning 18k yellow gold and platinum ring by Tony Nemyer of Grimball Jewelers features a round purple spinel center stone in a honeycomb setting with diamond accents. Black spinel gemstones are ideal for dramatic cocktail ring designs and statement rings. Similar to blue sapphire and red ruby, spinel has been used in beautiful Art Deco ring designs, set in platinum and surrounded by white accent stones. Blue spinel may be violet, greenish or pure blue, with a light or dark color. This allows for a multitude of possibilities for ladies', men's and unisex spinel ring designs. Black spinel increases the diversity of spinel ring designs even further.

Spinel Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Spinel ring buying guides may reference some of the names that spinel takes. For example, red spinel rings may be traded as "flame spinel rings" (because of their glowing color), "Balas spinel rings" (a historical name referring to the part of Afghanistan where they were mined) or "Mahenge spinel" (after the area of Tanzania where they are mined). Red spinel rings are the most desirable and will therefore likely command the highest prices. Indeed, a stunning, 9.43-carat red spinel ring with pink amethyst, sapphire and diamond accents by Wallace Chan sold for over $87,000 at Sotheby's, Hong Kong in 2011. In the same year, a 16.19-carat, cushion-cut red spinel and diamond Tiffany & Co. ring achieved $60,000 at Christie's, New York. Blue, violet, dark-green or black spinel rings may be sold as "zinc spinel rings"; and "chrome spinel rings" have brownish, dark-green or black gems. Most spinel rings contain natural, untreated spinel gems, but synthetic spinel rings do exist, so buyers should be aware of what they are purchasing. Any reputable gem and jewelry dealer should declare any synthetic gems or treated gems, and offer an independent gem lab report.

How to Wear Spinel Rings Back to Top

For tips on how best to wear spinel rings, simply look at the almost infinite variety of sapphire and ruby rings. The many different styles and colors of spinel rings can be worn in hundreds of ways. Spinel rings can be worn like fine ruby rings, fancy diamond rings or blue sapphire rings, and all of these will emit such a sparkle that many will never guess that you're showing off spinel. What's more, spinel is a durable gemstone that can be worn on an everyday basis. Black spinel rings make wonderful statement rings that really add pizzazz to a black and white ensemble. Black spinel rings may be inconspicuous or in your face, making them ideal for men with many jewelry preferences.

Spinel Ring Meanings Back to Top

Some of the metaphysical spinel ring meanings are that spinel rings can alleviate stress, encourage love and compassion, and help with healing. Spinel is a recent addition to the official list of August birthstones. Therefore, a spinel ring may be worn in place of a carnelian or peridot ring by those with August birthdays.

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