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Amazonite Ring Information

Amazonite Rings by GemSelect
About Amazonite Rings Back to Top

When most people think about amazonite rings, they think of the Amazon River, and they would be right. Amazonite was named after the Amazon, but surprisingly, amazonite is actually found in other parts of Brazil, the USA (Colorado) and Madagascar. Amazonite rings are quite rare, since amazonite is mainly a collector's gem, but when found, amazonite rings may be silver, gold or other metals and set with amazonite gems that are blue like turquoise, blue-green, or green like jade, often with fine, white streaks. Amazonite is an opaque to translucent gem; therefore, it is usually cut en cabochon or carved to show off its fabulous color, rather than used in faceted ring styles. For people who like turquoise and jade rings, rare amazonite rings are another great choice to add to a gemstone jewelry collection.

Amazonite Ring History Back to Top

Amazonite ring history is connected with the conquistadors' exploration of South America in the 1500s. Spanish explorers of the Amazon Basin encountered a group of female warriors and named them "Amazonians" after the Greek warriors of legend. It is said that these ferocious females gave green stones to the visitors and this was thought to have been nephrite jade, but was mistaken for amazonite. Yet, amazonite was used as a jewelry gemstone and amulet long before this, by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Mesoamericans. Between ancient times and the discovery of the New World, amazonite jewelry was rarely seen until the late 1800s and early 1900s after amazonite deposits were discovered in the Russian Ural Mountains, Madagascar and South America. Even following this, due to the gemstone's relative obscurity, amazonite rings have not reached prominence in the world of gemstone jewelry.

Amazonite Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Amazonite rings of the rich and famous are quite elusive, since amazonite is not a very well-known gemstone. Celebrity amazonite rings include an oval Doves amazonite ring worn by Jennifer Aniston and a spherical amazonite ring seen on Johnny Depp's pinky finger at a promotional event for the movie, "Mortdecai". Johnny Depp's ring was said to have been a gift from his daughter, Lily-Rose. Other stars who have shown off beautiful amazonite rings are Canadian actress from "Mad Men" and singer, Jessica Paré, and Indian actresses, Malaika Arora Khan and Yami Gautam. Bellamy Young, an actress known for playing the role of First Lady, "Mellie Grant" in "Scandal", was also seen wearing an amazonite ring. Since amazonite rings have emerged on the fingers of the famous, they may become better-known and more popular.

Amazonite Ring Designs Back to Top
Gold and Silver Amazonite Ring
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Amazonite ring designs are mostly cabochon rings for both men and women. Blue amazonite is more often seen in rings than green amazonite. In women's rings, aqua-colored amazonite is often placed into a halo of diamonds or contrasted with feminine-colored gems, such as rose quartz and coral. Native American-style silver amazonite ring designs are popular for both men's rings and women's rings. More sleek, modern styles tend to place amazonite in yellow gold, with halos of diamonds or white sapphire, or even mount carved amazonite in a bold ring. An interesting juxtaposition of texture is sometimes seen with smooth amazonite cabochons and rough gold.

Amazonite Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

When it comes to an amazonite ring buying guide, it should be noted that amazonite rings may not be available in mainstream jewelry stores, and an online specialist colored gemstone jewelry retailer would probably be the best option. Amazonite rings may also be sold as "amazonite stone rings", "lucky hope stone rings", "hope stone rings", "Colorado jade rings" or "Pikes Peak jade rings". Yet, amazonite is not the same as jade, so an amazonite ring sold as a jade ring would be an incorrect representation. Amazonite rings can appear like turquoise, but amazonite tends to have white streaks or a mottled appearance. Although amazonite rings are rare and sometimes hard to find, they are also affordable and tend to be completely natural and untreated. The most desirable amazonite rings are ones with vivid and uniform colored amazonite gems.

How to Wear Amazonite Rings Back to Top

For tips on how to wear amazonite rings, some of the more popular ring styles, such as turquoise and jade rings are helpful. Amazonite rings may have an aqua color, which is often mistaken for turquoise. Blue amazonite is a wonderful color for summer style. An interesting and striking contrast to blue amazonite is provided by red. For those who are not keen on bright colors, amazonite brings a beautiful pop of color to cream, black and white. For amazonite rings worthy of formal events, a ladies' amazonite halo ring or yellow gold cocktail ring is perfect. Men who are used to wearing rings will enjoy adding an amazonite cabochon ring to their collection. Both rustic and designer amazonite rings are available for every possible occasion. It is said that amazonite rings are at their most beautiful when bathed in the golden light of dawn or dusk. Amazonite rings can be worn daily, but should be protected from pressure and chemicals. This means that amazonite rings should not be placed in steam cleaners or exposed to household cleaning agents, but should be cared for using mild detergent and water.

Amazonite Ring Meanings Back to Top

Amazonite ring meanings include the ability to bring positive feelings and balance masculine and feminine. Additionally, amazonite rings are believed to promote energy, enhance communication and stimulate creativity. Some wear amazonite rings with the belief that they will benefit married life and calm the nerves, while others say that amazonite rings can help to promote healthy living. While amazonite is not a birthstone, the watery aqua color of amazonite rings makes them suitable for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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