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Gemstones for Winter - choosing the right gemstone for each season

Winter Gemstones
Gemstones for the Winter Season

Our series of seasonal gemstones comes to an end with Winter.

We don’t really get a winter here in Thailand but some of us remember the days getting short, the first flurries of snow, the ponds in the park freezing over and the arrival of Christmas lights.

There is no shortage of activities in the winter months whether they are festive gatherings, trips to the ski fields or romantic log cabins in the forest but what gemstones should we wear in the winter season?

The team here at GemSelect has got together to come up with the perfect gemstones to get you through the long cold months and the first on our list should come as no surprise.


Diamonds are not sometimes called ice just because of their crystal clear appearance, they also conduct heat exceptionally well so if you hold or touch a nice big diamond it will feel icy cold! There is no better gemstone to reflect the winter months.

Diamond Gemstones
Diamond Gemstones

There are a couple of gemstones which share the diamond’s clear looks but not its price tag.


White or clear quartz captures the imagination as an ideal gemstone for the winter months, as a piece of jewelry resembling ice cut from a frozen stream.

Quartz Gemstones
Quartz Gemstones


Topaz is a historic and much loved gemstone which comes in variety of colors but two make it a perfect winter crystal. The clear white topaz has a lovely sparkle and can be made into all types of jewelry while the brilliant blue topaz conjures up images of wintry scenes.

Topaz Gemstones
Topaz Gemstones


Zircons are another gemstone with a long and revered history and also come in crystal clear white and blue colors with the added bonus of being the December birthstone.

Zircon Gemstones
Zircon Gemstones

Beat the winter blues with these two December birthstones.


A gorgeous blue to violet gemstone only found in the mountains of Tanzania. A recent discovery in the world of gemstones – discovered just over fifty years ago – it has become tremendously popular very quickly.

Tanzanite Gemstones
Tanzanite Gemstones


This light blue gemstone will brighten any cold winter’s day and its cheery colors go very well with the darker clothes so often worn in the winter months.

Turquoise Gemstones
Turquoise Gemstones

We can finish with a couple of gemstones with powerful spiritual presence.


The ideal winter gemstone – they were thought to be frozen beams of moonlight by the Ancient Romans – not just for their looks but for their calming and stress reducing powers.

Moonstone Gemstones
Moonstone Gemstones

Lapis Lazuli

This gemstone not only looks like a winter sky at night – clear deep blue with a sprinkling of stars – but is a very protective stone which boosts the immune system which is especially vulnerable in winter.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstones
Lapis Lazuli Gemstones

Gemstones for Winter - Summary

Gemstone Attribute


Icy Winter


Frozen Winter


Classic Winter Scene


Cool Wintertime Birthstone


Wintertime Birthstone


Wintertime Birthstone


Spiritual Calming Stone

Lapis Lazuli

Spiritual Health Boost

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