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Gemstones for Creative Professions

Gems for Creative Professions
Gems for Creative Professions

If you work in TV, film, publishing, advertising, music, writing, painting, pottery or any more of the myriad of creative professions you will know that innovation and new ideas are a major part of your daily life.

Coming up with original and interesting concepts day after day is not easy and from time to time you might need a little inspiration so I have come up with a few gemstones to stimulate your artistic endeavors.

Let’s get straight to it with what is probably the most effective and well known crystal for the imagination:

Carnelian - The Stone of Creativity

This gemstone is a favorite amongst singers, actors and dancers with a powerful energy that boosts self-expression, fires up your energy levels and charges your motivation. The all round winner for the creative professions.

Shop Carnelian Gemstones
Shop Carnelian Gemstones

Okay, that is the number one gemstone out of the way but there are a few others that are fighting for the title. The Chakras are energy points located around the body that can influence us mentally and physically.

The Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button and is the centre of creativity, pleasure and passion within us. Its associated color is orange so many orange gemstones (such as the aforementioned Carnelian) can enhance inventiveness.

Here are a couple of gemstones related to our Sacral Chakras:


Citrine motivates joy, wonder and creativity. It brings enthusiasm to every project and boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. It is a lucky stone that guarantees success and represents the live-giving elements of warm sunshine.

Shop Citrine Gemstones
Shop Citrine Gemstones

Orange Coral

Orange coral promotes imagination and is especially good with visualization. It is great for intuition and helps you get your ideas across to others in your team or to clients. It can also enhance diplomatic skills which can be handy for temperamental artists!

Shop Orange Coral Gemstones
Shop Orange Coral Gemstones

Many forms of creative performance are all about communication – writers, journalists, bloggers and even actors need help in expressing their ideas. These gemstones can help:

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone of truth and communication, ideal for journalists and writers wishing to reveal accurate facts with fairness and impartiality. Wear Lapis Lazuli to auditions or presentations for clear speech and expression.

Shop Lapis Lazuli Gemstones
Shop Lapis Lazuli Gemstones

Blue Agate

Blue Agate is perfect for bloggers or those writing on information websites. It allows you to express emotions and calms the nerves during public speaking or live performances.

Shop Blue Agate Gemstones
Shop Blue Agate Gemstones

If you are going to do a live performance whether it is on stage or a public speech or even just a presentation of your work nerves can get the better of anyone. The next two gemstones can help:


Sodalite is often referred to as the ‘Stone of Peace’ as it can calm the most anxious of minds and ease panic attacks. Keep one in your pocket as a touchstone whenever you feel tension coming on.

Shop Sodalite Gemstones
Shop Sodalite Gemstones

Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a high vibration gemstone that will allow you to feel safe and secure. It has a deep connection to the earth and brings strong grounding energy. It calms, bringing security and trust, and support in difficult times. Its protective qualities build a protective barrier around the body against any ill-wishes.

Shop Fire Agate Gemstones
Shop Fire Agate Gemstones

Someone once said that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration and we all know that natural talent and creativity can only get us so far – it takes hard work to get to the top. Our next few gemstones will help with the practicalities of artistic creation – determination, motivation, insecurity, learning and self-confidence.


Pyrite looks like a piece of gold and it does lead to success and prosperity. Pyrite will give you the strength and determination to succeed and continue the struggle even if you are facing challenging times or feel under pressure to perform. With pyrite by your side you will win through.

Shop Pyrite Gemstones
Shop Pyrite Gemstones


Sunstone instills confidence when you are feeling unsure of yourself, giving you hope and enthusiasm for any project you may be undertaking. This gemstone’s sunny glow will highlight your talents for all to see.

Shop Sunstone Gemstones
Shop Sunstone Gemstones


Bloodstone increases both creativity and intuition but perhaps its greatest attribute is instilling endurance. Ancient Greek and Roma athletes would wear bloodstones to keep them going during sporting events and you can do the same to help deal with working long hours and meeting crazy deadlines.

Shop Bloodstone Gemstones
Shop Bloodstone Gemstones


Fluorite is known as the gemstone for students. Although some of us are born with natural artistic or creative abilities we still need to learn skills and build knowledge through experience to attain our goals. Fluorite enhances our powers of concentration, helps our decision making and clears the mind of useless clutter.

Shop Fluorite Gemstones
Shop Fluorite Gemstones


Garnet will help you deal with criticism and negativity. Even the best of us will receive unfavorable feedback from time to time but how we respond to it is very important. Garnet will let you accept it as healthy commentary and allow you to improve and move on.

Shop Garnet Gemstones
Shop Garnet Gemstones

So these are the gemstones we recommend but what should you do with them? We have a few suggestions of how to use gemstones to get creative.

One of the simplest ways is to wear a gemstone as a piece of jewelry, that way it will be with you all day, quietly helping. If wearing jewelry is not appropriate then placing a gemstone or two in a pocket or in your purse would work just as well and are easily reached if a bit of extra reassurance is needed.

All the gemstones I have mentioned can affect the Chakra points so some quiet meditation or just simple relaxation with the gemstone placed on the right Chakra location will work wonders.

Put the creativity gemstone under your pillow or in the pillow case to stop it disappearing to let it work its magic while you are sleeping.

Decorate your home or work space with your favorite gemstone to give your whole sphere a creative aura. Make an elixir, put it in a spray bottle and give everywhere you go a positive misting.

Ask your crystals for help. If you have a creative block, particular fear or apprehension, upcoming performance then sit with your gemstone and tell it what you need. You will find solutions and help in no time.

Our Quick Guide to Gemstones for Creative Professions

Gemstone Main Attribute





Orange Coral


Lapis Lazuli


Blue Agate




Fire Agate












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