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About Ruby

Are you shopping for loose Ruby or Rubies?

Look no further, buy your Ruby and Rubies for jewelers at affordable prices today from GemSelect.

Why buy Ruby? Excellent question!

Ruby is one of the highest valued colored gemstones and can be more valuable than a diamond of the same size. With the popularity of colored gems on the rise, your brand new Ruby will not only look beautiful it will also be valuable! This stone has withheld the test of time and maintained its popularity for centuries.

How is GemSelect's Ruby sold?

Here at GemSelect, we want to make purchasing Ruby fun and simple which is why we sell our Ruby in Pairs, Lots, Single Stones, Cabochon-Cut and Faceted cuts of various sizes. We attempt to keep the best selections on hand including some beautifully crafted Carved Ruby and some amazing slections of Cabochon-Cut Star Ruby.

What sizes of Ruby are available?

Our sizes range from about 1mm through too much larger pieces such as 52mm carved gemstones and 30mm faceted pieces. Please keep in mind our inventory is subject to change due to the rarity and availability of these stones so if you have a special request, please let us know. We have a vast network of suppliers and can locate rare gems or stones we may not have in stock for you. Want to contact us about special requests? Contact GemSelect

Ruby has been prevalent for centuries. Why is Ruby unique?

First, let's talk about color a brilliant, intense Red. The hue, tone, and intensity are all key to classifying an exceptional Ruby in addition to its cut and size, but color happens to be the most crucial aspect. Why, might you ask? Well, a Ruby earns its marks based on its red color if for any reason it wasn't up to the standards set for classifying Rubies it would be nothing more than a Sapphire which is still an excellent stone, but its no Ruby.

The strict classification speaks volumes to the uniqueness and importance of the stone plus its reputation. A gem with color that's so important that any deviation will reclassify it all together sounds like something people have protected for quite some time. We here at GemSelect believe there is something to be said for a jewel that's standards are this high. If you would like to read about an interesting and extremely rare Ruby check out the  Carmen Lucia Ruby.

Rubies Mohs Hardness and Ways to Use Ruby in Jewelry.

Now let us talk about durability and uses for this cherished jewel. Ruby holds an excellent mark on the Mohs scale of hardness as it's a 9, therefore, considered extremely durable. This Gemstone is suitable for any jewelry application, and one can wear it daily. Okay, all sounds great so how do we use it?

GemSelect suggests using Rubies in ring designs, necklaces designs, and earrings. It can mount into any setting from gold which compliments the red to white gold and platinum. It can arrange with other stones that compliment its beauty, such as, Emerald or Diamond. This fantastic gemstone can even mount in silver and be considered fine jewelry. The last application we will mention is a Pave application that provides beautiful results in bands, earrings, pins, brooches, gemstone pendants, and more!

What are good reasons for people to wear Ruby?

Great question! Ruby is the Birthstone for those born in July, and it's also popular as an alternative engagement ring. Lastly, Ruby is traditionally given for milestone anniversaries so if you're celebrating your 15th, 40th, or 80th anniversary be sure to have a stunning Ruby adornment for your partner. With all the occasions and uses we have to wear this stone are there any other beliefs or traditions? Yes, there are, but we will let you look into them further if you should choose to Click Here.

Where is Ruby mined?

The traditional sources for outstanding Ruby are Myanmar and Thailand. Now we are seeing many affordable Rubies coming from Africa predominately Madagascar. While it's lovely to have an increase in availability with 'this precious stone' the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight 'classifications' leave only a few remarkable samples that GemSelect strives to procure. With GemSelects 100% Natural Rubies you will shop from one of the most excellent selections of Ruby available.

Additionally, we strive to offer Ruby in various shapes and sizes with unbeatable value and quality assurance. The page you're viewing now includes all the Ruby GemSelects inventory contains from all sources. Would you like to shop our Burma Rubies? click here!

综合评分 -> 10 star ratings
best gemstone sales site for loose gemstones on internet. Period.
发布者 Imacwjb in June, 2021
来源: Bizrate
综合评分 -> 10 star ratings
I've been looking at this site for years. Now I want to have a piece of jewelry made with my diamonds and I want to have gem stones with them. This is the best site with good prices that I have found.
发布者 Deb in June, 2021
来源: Bizrate
综合评分 -> 9 star ratings
I make wire wrapped pendants for birthday presents, and always feature a birthstone as the base for the project. GemSelect has a wide variety of shape/size pieces to fit any budget. A detailed description of each individual stone is perfect for those searching for particular stones for their application, and information on stone treatments and the like are phenomenal.
发布者 AbysmalHippo7 in June, 2021
来源: Bizrate
综合评分 -> 10 star ratings
I love this online site. I can browse and select pieces at my leisure - on my schedule. The gemstones are reasonably priced and appear to be quality for the price.
发布者 Rene in June, 2021
来源: Bizrate
综合评分 -> 10 star ratings
It's good to know that there is a place to go for something like this without ending upwith Fake stuff, Hopefully, I haven't got it yet.
发布者 Ken in June, 2021
来源: Bizrate
综合评分 -> 10 star ratings
I have placed two orders in a week, I love the selection. I am excited to see the products.
发布者 SadieFrank in June, 2021
来源: Bizrate

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  • 星光月长石
  • 星光柠檬石英
  • 星光石榴石
  • 星光粉晶
  • 星光红宝石
  • 星光蓝宝石
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  • 玉髓
  • 玛瑙
  • 玛瑙晶洞
  • 珊瑚
  • 珊瑚化石
  • 珍珠
  • 珍珠母
  • 电镀黄玉
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  • 石英
  • 石英猫眼
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  • 砾背蛋白石
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  • 硅硼钙石
  • 硅线石
  • 硅线石猫眼
  • 碧玉
  • 碧玺
  • 磷灰石
  • 磷鋁石
  • 祖母绿
  • 符山石
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  • 紫水晶
  • 紫锂辉石
  • 紫黄晶
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  • 红柱石
  • 红榴石
  • 红玉髓
  • 红纹石
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  • 绿柱石
  • 绿玉髓
  • 绿龙晶
  • 缟玛瑙
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  • 草莓石英
  • 菱锌矿
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  • 蓝铜矿晶
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  • 虎眼石斑晶
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  • 金绿柱石
  • 金绿玉
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  • 钙铝榴石
  • 钙铝榴石
  • 钠柱晶石
  • 钻石
  • 铁铝榴石
  • 铬云母红宝石
  • 铬透辉石
  • 铯绿柱石
  • 锆石
  • 锰铝榴石
  • 镁铝榴石
  • 闪锌矿
  • 阳起石猫眼
  • 雪花黑曜石
  • 青金石
  • 顽辉石
  • 马拉亚石榴石
  • 马里石榴石
  • 鹰眼石
  • 黄水晶
  • 黄玉
  • 黑曜石
  • 黑蛋白石
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  • Gemstones By Piece
  • 高档宝石
  • 匹配的成对宝石
  • 凸面宝石
  • Drilled Gems, Briolettes and Beads
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  • 宝石雕刻
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Gems are always measured in Millimeter (mm)

Dimensions are given as;
length x width x depth,
except for round stones which are;
diameter x depth

Select gems by size, not by weight!
Gem varieties vary in density, so carat weight is not a good indication of size

Note: 1ct = 0.2g

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