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Happy Mother's Day from GemSelect

Mother's Day Gemstone Poem - GemSelect

Mother's Day is a holiday dedicated to honor and celebrate the lives of mothers and grandmothers. Seeing that mothers are the ones who gave us all the gift of life and sustenance, it's not surprising they're often associated with goddesses and Mother Nature.

Although Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world, over 100 countries celebrate the holiday during the month of May, usually on the second Saturday or Sunday of the month. Whether it's by spending more time with our beloved moms or by giving them the gift of a precious heirloom, it's important to show our mothers appreciation and reciprocate the same unconditional love they've given us.

Mother of Pearl Cameo Carving
Mother of Pearl Cameo

For many mothers, it's a tradition to pass jewelry down to their sons or daughters, but on Mother's Day, it's the perfect opportunity for us to do just the opposite. If you're looking for ideas on what to give your mother for Mother's Day, or even an upcoming birthday, mother's rings and pendants are an extraordinary way to symbolize your love for her.

Mother's rings were originally designed as just two wedding bands pieced together with the birthstone of her son. Although the simple design has evolved since they were first introduced, the concept behind mother's rings has remained unchanged for over half a century.

Wearing mother’s jewelry is a great way for your mother to proudly show others how much her family means to her, without having to say a single word. Mother's rings and pendants are usually set with the birthstones of her children, as well as those of the father and mother in some designs.

Here's an infographic to help you easily discover your birthstone, as well as those of your mother and siblings:

List of birthstones by month

Instead of birthstones, alternative stones are often substituted for those who prefer something different. In many cases, astrological stones and gems that carry special meanings are used for mother's rings and pendants, such as heart-shaped and half-heart-shaped gemstones to symbolize love.

Here are some other gemstone types you can consider which carry special meanings that are especially perfect for moms:

Rose Quartz Flower Carving
Rose Quartz Flower Carving

Rose quartz is thought by many as a gemstone which represents unconditional love. If your mom isn't too keen on pink, colorful chrysocolla gemstones are a great alternative.

Chrysocolla is thought to promote calmness, love, acceptance, and tolerance in those who wear it. In addition, opals, rubies, and moonstones are also gems that are linked to love.

Half Moon-Shaped Chrysocolla Cabochon
Half-Moon-Shaped Chrysocolla

If you would like to increase your mother's patience, then try emerald, which is associated with balance and patience.

Garnet is often worn to strengthen passion and devotion between family member, making any variety of garnet great if you decide to make a mother's ring or pendant for your mom.

Raspberry Red Rhodolite Garnet
Raspberry Red Rhodolite Garnet

Of the many types of garnet, rhodolite and malaya garnet are particularly special. They're thought to encourage contentment, compassion, and relaxation, as well as help with consolation and nurturing - qualities that all good mothers embody.

For a harmonious relationship with your mother and to increase understanding, lapis lazuli, peridot, and tourmaline are great alternatives to use for mother's jewelry that carry just the right vibes.

Scissor-Cut Green Tourmaline
Scissor-Cut Green Tourmaline

According to the Masai tribe, tanzanite is a gem which represents life itself, which makes it perfect for mother's rings or pendants. Tanzanite can be given as a 'gift of life' to represent the life your mother gave to you, with the message of 'life for a life'.

Cushion-Cut Tanzanite Gemstone
Cushion-Cut Tanzanite

These are just some of the many great gemstones that give purpose to mother's rings and pendants. If your mom hasn't quite given up on the idea of having more children, consider choosing a stackable-style ring. Stackables are also great if Mom already has an impressive ring collection since she can wear multiple rings on the same finger without going overboard.

Keep in mind, mother's jewelry doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially since it often features smaller, affordable gemstones. Using silver instead of gold will also save quite a bit of money without taking away from the sentimentality.

After all, don't forget what your mother taught you -- it's the thought that counts! Happy Mother's Day!

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