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Engagement Ring Choices

Tanzanite Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tanzanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Some say that a woman's engagement ring makes a statement about her character or the marriage. We at GemSelect are not sure about this, but would like to review some of the popular styles so that our readers can decide for themselves on their preferred ring. An engagement ring should last for many years, therefore, it is best to consider your choice carefully, especially when you are investing hard-earned cash.

The most traditional style of engagement ring is a round brilliant-cut solitaire diamond. Half or more of all diamond engagement rings have round-cut stones. They are simple and elegant, but there is a reason for this cut. The round brilliant cut is designed to maximize a diamond's brilliance, hence the name "brilliant cut". This shape and cut of stone will thus show off the bling best. Oval shaped gemstones are not as traditional as round ones. However, they can exhibit just as much sparkle if they are faceted properly.

Although round gemstones are the most popular style of diamond engagement rings, they may not be the best option for all brides-to-be. When shopping for an engagement ring, the most important factors to consider are what you like and how the ring will look on the finger. For us, color is everything, so we favor unique and unconventional colored gemstones.

Oval Red Spinel Solitaire Ring
Oval Red Spinel Solitaire Ring

The shape of the gemstone also has an effect on the appearance of the ring. As no two women (except maybe for identical twins) are alike, hands and fingers are also unique. For ladies with large hands, delicate styles with slim bands and narrow gemstones could emphasize this, whereas round or heart shapes will look better. People who have long fingers should consider square shapes, such as cushion, Asscher and princess, which make the fingers appear shorter. Conversely, long shapes such as pear, oval and marquise will lengthen short fingers.

Those who prefer emerald-cut gemstones should check the clarity of the gem. This is because the long, rectangular facets of the emerald cut will expose inclusions or flaws. This also means that the gemstone will display less brilliance than a round shape.

Diamond Solitaire Ring with Prong Setting
Diamond Solitaire Ring with Prong Setting

Settings can also affect the appearance of the gemstone. For engagement rings, prong settings are the most common. Prong settings show off the most of the gemstone, since they allow the most light to surround the stone. Other settings have their advantages. For example, bezel settings offer more protection for the gemstone and can also make it appear larger. Some clever jewelers set a round gemstone into a square setting to maintain brilliance and fire, whilst giving the appearance of a square gemstone. This is known as an illusion setting. Pave or cluster settings add sparkle to a ring by setting smaller stones closely together. Channel settings hold rows of gemstones.

Another choice to make when it comes to engagement rings is the type of precious metal to use. Gold alloys are durable and available in various colors, not only white and yellow, but also pink rose gold and more vivid colors such as blue and even black.

A study by Atlanta's Emory University suggests that couples who paid between $2000 and $4000 for an engagement ring were 1.3 times more likely to be divorced than those who spent between $500 and $2000. Also, those who spent less than $500 on an engagement ring were more likely to be divorced. The study also found a link between extravagant weddings and a higher likelihood of divorce. However, the cheapest weddings (less than $1000) were linked to less likelihood of divorce.

Rose Gold Malaya Garnet Solitaire Ring
Rose Gold Malaya Garnet Solitaire Ring

It could be that couples who spend a sensible amount on a ring and wedding don't go over the top because they are aware that the most important thing is their relationship. Maybe they focus more on each other than the ring and wedding. This could increase their chances of staying married for longer. On the other hand, those who overspend could have the extra strain of financial stress on their marriage, which could tip the balance. Alternatively, it has been suggested that those who spend more on marriage work longer hours, which can also cause problems in a relationship. Yet, how about the wealthy who can afford to be lavish? With regard to those who spend less than $500 on an engagement ring, perhaps the bride feels that her true value has not been recognized and is therefore inclined to feel disgruntled.

Whatever style of engagement ring you prefer, we hope that it will last throughout a long and happy marriage. If you would like a unique engagement ring, we urge you to consider loose gemstones which enable you to create an infinite variety of interesting designs. In addition, you may save some money too!

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