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GemSelect Newsletter - November 2011

Witches at Halloween
Witches at Halloween

Halloween celebrates harvest time, gives thanks to the gods and is generally accepted as being the pagan New Year. It is also considered to be the time when the veil between the spirit world and the living world is at its thinnest. This is the night when ghosts come back to visit us.

The day after Halloween is called "All Saints' Day". This is when Christians of old would remember the dead believers who had passed into heaven. This explains where the present word Halloween is derived. The name Halloween is taken from the pagan holiday called "All Hallos' Eave" or "All Hallows' Eve". The "Eve" is the night before and "Hallo" is an old word for "Saint".

So Halloween is the eve of All Saints' Day.
"Trick-or-treating" may stem from the fact that in ancient times, it was believed that during this one night, "All Hallow's Eve", the evil spirits of bad men, long since dead, returned to their original homes. If food and shelter was not left out for the wicked souls then the neglectful would be subjected to hauntings and spells. If the spirits were pleased with the food provided, the givers would be left in peace.

A Witch at Home
A Witch at Home

Witches use gemstones a lot and gemstones have a long association with witchcraft. Witches may wear gems as jewelry, use them on their altars or just carry them in their bag. Witches believe that gemstones hold power and energy and can be used for a variety of purposes such as healing, protection and to ward off evil. Some are even used to aid communication with the spirit world. It was believed in ancient times that gemstones could stimulate crop growth, inspire fertility and even indicate the outcome of battles.

Witches are said to choose their gemstones carefully on a daily basis. Before they leave the house they will decide what gemstone to wear. Maybe an amethyst ring to increase their psychic abilities, maybe a moonstone if a full moon is due that evening. The gem may be worn as a ring, a pendant, a necklace or even earrings.
It's up to you to spot them...
Witches know that they are misunderstood and feared, and so they will never disclose themselves.

So how can you spot a witch? It's not easy, but here are some tips that may help:

Traveling Witch
Traveling Witch

Traveling to work:
Does the secretary fly into work through an open window on a broomstick? If so, this should be considered as possible "witch-like behavior".

Facial markings:

If your co-worker has a big crooked nose with a huge red wart on the end, beware!

Stereotypical Witch
Stereotypical Witch

Lunch time:
It's okay for a work colleague to pack their own lunch but a wing-of-bat and eye-of-newt sandwich may be cause for alarm.

Office Meetings:
Does anyone in the office cackle and shriek with laughter in a management meeting... even when no one is talking? If so, do not get into a lift with this person.

The Boss:
The big black cat that sits on your boss's desk and lunges for your throat every time you enter may indicate there is a witch nearby.

A Witch is cooking!
A Witch is cooking!

When you go to the ball game, does your friend prefer to wear a conical black pointed hat instead of a baseball cap?

You're invited to a BBQ next door. When you arrive your 60 year old male neighbor is wearing a dress and dancing hysterically around a boiling cauldron.

These are just a few things to look out for... let us know if you encounter anything similar...

Still don't believe in witchcraft and magic? You're a skeptic right? Are you sure? What about the following?

Have you ever woken up, opened the curtains and said "hello sunshine" or "good morning" to the bright sun as it entered your bedroom?
Then you have honored and hailed one of the witches' gods... The Sun God!
Have you ever thought about making love in the long grass under a full moon, or in the water of a quiet still lake under a sky of stars?
Then you have dreamed of what a witch does!
Have you ever wondered at the beauty of a sunset or sunrise, or become lost in thought gazing at a full moon?
Then you have felt how a witch feels all the time.

Not so strange is it? If you want to know which gemstones are used by witches, and why, here are some popular stones and their magical beliefs:

Amber is thought to offer a magical light for the dead as they progress through the underworld. This stone may appease the ghosts who visit you on Halloween and help them to find their way back!

Andalusite is used to aid communication with the dead. This stone is definitely used by witches on Halloween.

Carnelian is a very religious gemstone. It was used by the Egyptian goddess, Isis, to protect the dead on their journey through the afterlife. Witches use this stone to appease evil spirits.

Citrine is used as a protective talisman against evil thoughts. Keep this one handy if you're feeling naughty.

Spinel can be used to identify those who possess supernatural powers. Such people will shake uncontrollably when approached with a hidden spinel gemstone (put one in your pocket the next time you're about to meet the boss and ask for a day off).

Gems with Magic Powers
Gems with Magic Powers

A word of warning:

All gemstones are thought to hold onto their individual energies. This means that gemstones are not clean or totally fresh. They are said to be holding energies from past owners who held and touched them before you.
Gemstones therefore are believed to have a real past and you should take care to cleanse all gemstones you receive thoroughly before using them. It follows therefore that a very old, ancient, or family heirloom gemstone should really be treasured. Who knows the powers and wisdom it possesses!

You have been warned!

We hope you have a happy "Hallows' Eve" and good luck with the witch hunt!

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Happy Gem Hunting!
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