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Traditions and Colors

Colored gemstones and their incredible variety of colors, shades, and hues are endlessly amazing. Throughout time, various cultures have held the belief that colored stones possess magical properties and provide special powers to the wearer. Colored gemstones have been used as amulets and talismans, since they were thought to be working as portals to the future or because they were integral aspects of spiritual practices. The following are some traditional themes that have developed over time, attributing certain characteristics to particular gemstone colors, such as generosity or sincerity.

Yellow Lemon Quartz
Yellow Lemon Quartz
Yellow stones worn by a woman were associated with generosity. However, for a man, yellow gemstones signified secrecy, such as having a secret lover.

A woman wearing a violet stone suggested ambitious thoughts and love of a spiritual nature. For a man, a violet stone indicated sober judgment combined with diligence and ambition.

Foolish and capricious young women would be seen wearing black stones. However when a married woman donned such a dark stone, it indicated fidelity, constant love and perseverance. On a man, a black stone signified gravity, common sense and inner strength.

Red stones when worn by women were signs of pride, haughtiness and obstinacy. The more positive traits of nobility and leadership were suggested when a man wore a red stone.

A woman wearing a blue stone was sure to be jealous and vigilant in love and socially correct. A man who wore blue stones was considered wise, lofty of thought and generous to all.

Green stones on a woman suggested childlike delight, unfounded ambition and a love of change. Green stones for a man meant joy, lost friendship and transitory hope.

Today the possibilities for self-expression with colored stones are seemingly endless, with choices in every price range and for every taste. Whether for fashion, fun or to express your inner feelings, everyone should enjoy the bounty of colorful stones that nature has provided.

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